Where to recycle WOOD AND YARD WASTE
and how to prepare it in Douglas County, Oregon

What is Wood Waste?
Wood waste is woody material that is no longer reusable but can be recycled into fuel for conversion to energy.

How do I recycle my wood and yard wastes?
Wood Waste: Remove any metal pieces larger than nails and screws.

If the wood is reusable, consider taking it to Heartwood ReSources.

Heartwood ReSources
3490 Hwy 99 S.
Roseburg, OR
(541) 679-1777

  • Accepts donations of reusable materials
  • Deconstruction contractor
  • Reusable building materials for sale
  • Technical assistance

Where do I recycle my Wood Waste?
Here in Douglas County we have a great system of transfer stations able to accept all your wood wastes. This is provided as a mechanism to keep this recyclable material out of the landfill.


ALL Douglas County Transfer Stations


Lumber, plywood, end cuts, particle board, cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, dowels, pallets, fencing, crates, branches.

NO Laminate (Formica etc.)
No Large metal pieces attached
NO Drywall

Christmas Tree Recycling Instructions

What is Yard Waste?
Yard waste is the vegetative material resulting from mowing lawns, trimming shrubs or raking leaves. The County processes this material into a nutrient rich mulch which is available for free pick up (loading fee of $15 applies if you do not self-load) by Douglas County residents.

Where do I recycle my Yard Waste?

Yard Waste accepted at Roseburg Transfer Station and Roseburg Landfill only.

Try composting!


grass, leaves, weeds, straw, hay, cuttings, shrubs, sawdust

NO Poison Oak
No Manure
No Plastic Bags
No Pet waste

Christmas Tree Recycling Instructions

Click the link below for a printable chart for your reference