Where to recycle PAPER  
and how to prepare it in Douglas County, Oregon

What is paper?
Paper is any material mad
e from wood pulp.

How do I recycle my paper?
Paper is easy to recycle.  Simply store it in a dry place and keep it free of food and oil residue.  Please remove paper clips and tape.  Tissue paper and paper towels should be composted with your back yard compost.

Where do I recycle my Paper?
Paper is accepted all over the community of Douglas County.  Most sites have a bin marked "Mixed Paper". Some sites will have mixed and bins for newspaper and another for magazines. You may simply put them all in mixed, but any separation you can do will help our partner in recycling, Sunrise Enterprises

  • Curbside (Newspaper Only)
    • Sutherlin Sanitary
    • Roseburg Disposal
    • Southern Oregon Sanitation (Reedsport)
    • Winston Sanitary
  • Community Depots (All Paper)
    • Winston (by Riverbend Park)
    • Winchester Bay Marina
    • Sunrise Depot on Carnes Rd.
    • Sunrise Depot on Harvard


Paper Accepted at
Douglas County Recycle
Depots and Transfer Stations

Office paper, magazines, shredded paper, junk mail, envelopes, books
cereal boxes, pop boxes, beer boxes,
(AKA Fiberboard)
newspaper, colored paper, catalogues, paper towel rolls, glossy paper,
paper bags,
and any other paper products

Staples okay
No paper clips
No food or oil contamination

Click the link below for a printable chart for your reference