Where to recycle GLASS
and how to prepare it in Douglas County, Oregon

What is glass?
Glass is a solid substance made from superheating sand.  In Douglas County, it is important to remember only glass CONTAINERS are accepted for recycling.  Other materials may contaminate an entire load.

How do I recycle my glass?
Glass is easy to recycle.  Simply rinse out your bottles and jars.  Then separate by color.  Green, Brown, and Clear.  Blue goes with Clear.  You may leave labels on containers.  Remove lids and recycle separately

Where do I recycle my glass?
Glass containers are accepted all over the community of Douglas County.  

  • Curbside (Newspaper Only)
    • Sutherlin Sanitary
    • Roseburg Disposal
  • Community Depots
    • Winston (by Riverbend Park)
    • Winchester Bay Marina
    • Sunrise Depot on Harvard Ave.
    • Sunrise Depot on Carnes Rd.


Glass Containers Accepted

Bottles and Jars

Colors okay
Labels Okay

Recycle lids separately
No Pyrex, windows drinking glasses
or light bulbs

Click the link below for a printable chart for your reference