Where to recycle CARDBOARD 
and how to prepare it in Douglas County, Oregon

What is cardboard?
Cardboard is the box material made from sandwiching layers of paper together with glue and air space.  This is called corrugated cardboard.  This is different than fiberboard, the material use to make pop, cereal, and beer boxes.

How do I recycle old corrugated cardboard (OCC)?
OCC is easy to recycle.  Make sure it is not waxed like many produce or wet lock boxes are.  It also needs to be clean of food debris and oil.

Where do I recycle my OCC?
OCC is accepted all over the community of Douglas County.

  • Curbside
    • Sutherlin Sanitary
    • Roseburg Disposal
    • Winston Sanitary
    • Southern Oregon Sanitation (Reedsport)
  • Community Depots
    • Winston (by Riverbend Park)
    • Winchester Bay Marina
  • Roseburg Transfer Station (Only)
  • Any commercial cardboard bin located around the community

Corrugated Cardboard

The wavy kind
No waxed
Must be clean and flattened

Click the link below for a printable chart for your reference