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Landfill and Transfer Site Hours of Operation


Landfill Fees - No Sooner than September 1, 2015


Free Mulch Loading while supplies last.
Mulch (ground up leaves, grass and yard trimmings) is always available free for self load. Currently we are waving the $15 load fee. If you are interested in Free Mulch, we will load it for you. Please call 541-957-7712 to make sure it is still available.


Change in Plastic Recycling beginning
January 1, 2014


Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are three very important steps to take when properly managing the disposal of the waste we generate. Everyone is responsible for their own garbage and the best way to deal with it is to generate as little as possible. Waste prevention (creating less waste in the first place) will save time, money, landfill space and be good to the environment. Click Waste Prevention for ideas about how you can generate less garbage before you practice the 3R’s.


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